Unit Mission

The mission of the Sheriff’s Communication Unit (SCU) is to provide the highest quality emergency radio communications and logistical support to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and county government during emergencies, exercises and community events.  The SCU is dedicated to consistency and reliability, technical competence, teamwork and professional response in the course of performing this mission.

Unit Role

The Sheriff’s Communication Unit (SCU) will serve as a communications resource to San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and the County of San Mateo. Unit members will serve in a variety of locations including the Sheriff’s Department Operations Center (DOC), County Emergency Operation Center (EOC), County Unincorporated Areas, and Sheriff’s Command Posts. If requested unit members may serve in city or town EOC’s, hospitals or other locations as needed. During emergencies and exercises it will be capable of coordinating county radio amateurs (HAMS) under the State OES Auxiliary Communication Service (ACS) system. The SCU will provide trained licensed communicators able to communicate multi-modally to maintain operational continuity for the entities it serves, and is committed to the training, practice and recruitment required to meet its role.  The SCU will maintain relationships with HAM and other volunteer organizations in other county jurisdictions (cities and towns) to maintain a robust network of emergency communicators capable of quickly activating for emergencies in service of the SCU mission.