As a new member of the Sheriff’s Communications Unit, the staff will be working to prepare you for the many different callouts, community events and trainings that we participate in each year. As part of that preparation, we highly recommend that you assemble a go-kit based off of the list we have prepared below. All new members will be issued basic equipment from the unit along with a list of recommended items that you would need to acquire on your own. It is important to remember that these are only recommendations and everyone’s go-kit, though similar, will be personalized to their own needs.

Provided by SCU:

•   SCU Trainee T-Shirt

•   SCU Trainee Sweatshirt

•   ANSI Class II Traffic Vest

•   SCU Trainee Checklist  

•   Access to SMC Alert SCU Contract Group

•   Access to SCU Online File Share

•   SCU Flash Drive

•   SCU Form Package (Printed Copies)

  •    Personnel Sign In Log - ICS 211 (5 Copies)
  •    Unit Log - ICS 214 (10 Copies)
  •    Radio Sign Out Sheet (5 Copies)
  •    Radio Log (5 Copies)
  •    Communications Plan - ICS 205 (5 Copies)


Recommended Items:

 •   Pair of 5.11 TACLITE PRO Pants  (Khaki)

 •   Pair of Black Polishable Boots (See SCU Staff) 

 •   Duffel Bag or Backpack (For Grab & Go Kit) 

 •   Pocket Note Pad & Pen

 •   Flashlight and Spare Batteries

 •   Multi-Tool (eg. Leatherman) or Pocket Knife

 •   Whistle

 •   Cell Phone Charger Cord & Plug

 •   Personal First Aid Kit (See SCU Staff) 

 •   12 - 18 Cable Ties (Assorted Sizes)

 •   2 Lengths of 3MM Utility Cord (50 Feet Each)

 •   Office Supply Kit

  •    Clipboard
  •    Pens (2 Black & 2 Blue)
  •    Highlighters (2 Yellow & 2 Other Color)
  •    Sharpies (2 Black with Fine Point)
  •    Stapler (Small or Mini with Staples )
  •    Tape (1 Roll - Blue Painters Tape)
  •    Pair of Scissors
  •    Ruler
  •    Legal Pad or Large Note Pad 
  •    Storage Container for Office Supplies